Been up early today. Just lazying on my bed, thinking what to do today. Earlier appointment to meet a friend wuz cancelled. And leave me free to roaming.

Decided to drive to the nearest Secret Recipe outlet. Just to treat myself to this 'My Me Time' after so long.  Browsing over the menu, all seems yummy to me. End up I ordered Ice Cappucino, Baked Mozarella Fish and Shinjiku Chocolate Bake, served with La Cremeria Ice Cream.  Heaven ! And I shall add few kgs to my weight. Who cares !!

.... yeapp, i have been ignoring this blog for quite some time. not only this blog, my other craft blog too.. i juz dunno what to write in here, thou at times i hv many ideas splurging not at the right time.

this week gonna be my 4th week being a WAHM. I hope i hv made a right decision but today, i start thinking of shud i hunt for job again. well, my emo not stable today.... it's not easy being a SAHM or WAHM unless you get the full support from the loved ones... did i ?
I luv listening to this song.. lately, at least !

well, i've been in employment for almost 8 months now but to tell the truth, i wud prefer to stay at home. i feel so tired to manage between housework & office work. i'm like a machine who works non-stop as early as 4.30 am till 12 am. i guess being the house maid is much better, although earning about rm500 monthly with meals, clothes & cleaned room provided.

i'm tired of traveling 40 km per route, which take me almost 1 hr. not to mention to face the massive traffic jammed. and the most worst thing, get my salary deducted 1 hr daily for almost every day. at the end of the month, few hundreds in total had been taken away from my paycheck.

talked to dear hubby, he kinda give a green light but myself still not sure whether this is a right step to make. i've been thinking whether i'll be able to pay my dues at the end of the month, with the little allowance dear hubby gave. few friends was suggesting if i could do some beadsworks to generate some income, which i'm considering now.
... ermm, how time flies. we're not in year 2010, on the 20th day to be exact and yet, i have neglected this blog for quite some time. no, i hv no intention to delete this blog as i like my blog's name - 'Phlox - A Journey'. A Journey of Phlox in her life, somewhere along the lines..

and i hope it's not too late to wish 'A Happy New Year' to my blog reader.. btw, as far as i can remember i only hv 2 readers who visited my blog once in a while..
m not too sure why m having tis problem. juz feel sad wif mixed feelings. cud it be today is munday, or 'somting' else. but definitely not bcoz of the PMS - i had it much earlier. try to think the root of my uneasiness, try to kill the thots. i guess all tis, bcoz of my curious & jealous. i juz cant agreed y dh want to bring in his ex-purchaser to his new coy. i knew he'll bring in 2 other engrg staff fr previous coy, which it thnk it's relevant. but y he want to bring in this lady in. d moment he said that lady is like a makcik makcik type, i didnt really believe. while having evening chat wif my neber, i found out that 'makcik' who was my neber's classmate, is not really a makcik type. yeahh, she wore tudung.. n not to mention here - wif some thick makeup. and my feeling feels more uneasy when i read this 'makcik' email to dh, she addressed dh as 'Dear' in the first line of the letter.

urghhh.. such a silly thot.., shoohh.. shoohh... i deserve a better day !!!!

A bunch of us during our UIS class.. every body gotta wear our tudung, otherwise Ustaz Hayyun will ask us to pack our things and leave the classroom... hik hik..
So.. U guess, which one is me.. btw, this photo wuz taken 18 years ago... see how young we're..
p/s :
I'm still on my job hunting mission.. wish me luck..
errrkk.. who read my blog anyway yea..??? if u happened to read my blog, please leave a comment...
I got a breakfast interview this morning at 8.30 with recruitment agent. Wuz about to sms her to move the appointment to 8.45 but she already smsed me at 8.00 saying she’s already at the venue. Sighh.. as I still at home !!!

The traffic wuz not as usual, long que at 8 a.m. Ha ha.. I haven’t been in this situation for 2 mths already as I nowadays leave home at 8.30 hik hik.. By 8.15 have to sms her back to cancel the appointment as I foresee I only reach Amcorp Mall by 8.45 the earliest or 9.00.

Went to the PO again to renew my driving license after the computer goes offline right away when it come to my turn. This time, M very lucky as the counter girl remember me n push me to her colleague. Within 5 minutes, everything settled and I smile again after my driving license renewed for another year. And no summon so far, yeah yeah..

It’s already 9 am, but I decided to make a turn towards Worldwide Business Centre to have a quick check on what companies rented over there. Quite a few, but I guess at this hour not a right time as everybody seems busying near the lift. Should have come again so other time, at odd hours.

As I was driving to work, I feel that I feel emptied, frustrated and so on. I hate to go work, with current company which pay me less, but I have work more. I got the RM 500 allowance juz to tally back what I earned before, but I have to come back on Saturdays. I feel, it’s not right. I wanted to put in my resignation but comtemplate to do so as I need some figures to bank in to my bank monthly although the amount only be there on 7th or 8th of every month. It’s kinda of frustating when banks keep on calling, chasing for payment which I usually settled by 3rd.

How I need a job which pays well, somewhere near Shah Alam desperately !!!!